Kart Settings Pro Feature

Looking for an easier way to keep track of all your setup information?

Tired of searching through multiple pages of information to find out what changes you have made?

Are you spending more time searching through old notes than working on your setup?

  Available Settings:
  • Front Wheel Hubs
  • Wheel Mount Type
  • Spindle Spacers
  • Front Track Width
  • Front Ride Height
  • Caster/Camber/Toe settings
  • Ackermann Settings
  • Rear Axle Diameter
  • Rear Axle Stiffness
  • Rear Hub Size
  • Rear Hub Material
  • Rear Track Width
  • Rear Ride Height
  • Tire Pressures
  • Tire Manufacturer
  • Tire Compound
  • Wheel Type and Material
  • Chassis Torsion Bar settings
  • Engine Type
  • Carb Jetting
  • Fuel Type and Ratio
  • Front and Rear gearing
  • Seat Position
  • ...and more
KartTuner Pro’s Kart Settings feature is perfect for you!

Simply enter your starting setup, then quickly and easily update only the changes that you make to the kart each time out.

Save settings for multiple karts:
Have multiple karts to keep track of? KartTuner Pro allows you to create and save settings for multiple karts within the one application.

Current Setup:
KartTuner Pro keeps track of how the kart is set up after each change. Quickly view or edit the settings on your kart as needed!

Session History:
Keeps track of the changes you have made to the kart and any related notes.

Find your perfect setup for your favorite tracks? KartTuner Pro allows you to easily save your setup as a baseline for that kart and track.

Change History:
Tracks the history of changes you have made to the kart.

Online Data Backup:
Worried about losing your iPhone and all the valuable KartTuner Data on it? Forget to grab your phone off the kart floor pan before you hit the track? Worry no more! KartTuner Pro allows you to create an online account to backup all your valuable data. Simply create your username and password from within the app.

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