Announcing KartTuner Pro

For immediate release:

Karting Coach is pleased to announce the release of KartTuner Pro, an interactive kart tuning application available for the iPhone's and iPod Touch's.

KartTuner Pro takes the unique KartTuner application to the next level with easy to use new tools and features.

NEW! Kart Settings feature allows you to store and track setup information for multiple karts within one application. No more fumbling through notebooks of setup notes, quickly and easily view and change your settings with a touch of the screen! Simply enter your starting setup and start logging changes. KartTuner Pro will keep track of the changes you have made session by session. KartTuner Pro can even store your favorite setup for each kart and track.

KartTuner Pro has also integrated the Tuner database of suggested changes to work directly with your kart settings and log changes.

Online backup available with KartTuner Pro. With our new online data backup feature you will never have to worry about lost data. Simply create your account and password from within the application and your data will automatically be backed up on a server. Lost or damaged iPhones are not a problem for KartTuner Pro.

KartTuner Pro also has an easy to use Weight calculator that will automatically calculate your total weight, front/rear and left/right weight distribution.

KartTuner Pro also contains all the popular features of the original KartTuner. This unique application will help you find that perfect setup for real world kart racing.

The application includes a tuning utility for helping you diagnose various handling problems, a track database for finding and viewing track information and satellite imagery, a customizable gear ratio chart, a safety checklist, and a flag reference.

For more information about KartTuner, visit or contact us at

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